Tantric Sacred Spot Massage

Tantric Prostate Massage

Unforgettable Tantric experience in Samui

For an extra, unparalleled level of pleasure, any one of our erotic massages can be supplemented with our Sacred Spot, tantric prostate massage, taking the erotic experience beyond its already tantalising experience to a truly heady whole body release.

"The Sacred Spot", also known as the male g-spot, is actually the prostate gland. According to the Tantric philosophy, the sacred spot is the emotional sexual centre, the gateway to intense sensations unachievable through another erotic massage. Massaging the Sacred-Spot releases huge amounts of emotional and physical stress, and is an extremely pleasurable and healing experience.

For such a delicate area it is imperative to choose an experienced masseuse that knows exactly what she is doing. When a prostate massage is done properly, many men experience intense, long lasting orgasms.

Our masseuses are extremely experienced and are the perfect choice to bring you this unparalleled unforgettable experience safely.

As an addition to any our massage +1000 Baht
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